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Learn How To Pass A Drug Test

 Implement your passive plan for passing a drug test.

You are up against the science of drug testing.  To learn how to pass a drug test you must understand the basics of not only drug testing, but of the specific test you are facing. 

All drug tests have strengths and weaknesses.  You exploit their weaknesses and you will probably pass.  If you don't, you are at risk.  Learn what you can do to pass.  Learn More

Drug Detection Times

Goto The Drug Detection Chart.

You must know your  drug detection times from when they can first be detected until the chance of detection  is gone.

Drug detection times can vary from one hour to a lifetime depending on the test, the drug being tested, your usage, as well as other personal factors.  Check out your drug detection times.  Learn More

The Always Test Clean Advantage For Passing A Drug Test.

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Don't Trust Urban Legends And Myths

Do not trust the urban legends and myths about how to pass a drug test.

Various urban legends, rumors, myths, and tricks for passing a drug test have been running around for years having been passed along by friends, acquaintances, flashy websites or other "experts". 

These urban legends might have worked at some point, but not today.  People giving the tests know all the tricks and tests have long ago been modified.  Learn what not to do for passing any drug test.  Learn More

What If You Failed A Drug Test

About 5% of all the people fail a drug test and are not guilty.  It is then up to them to prove their innocence.

This can be caused by hundreds of innocent products that are  incorrectly identified as drugs of concern.  Many prescriptions, medications and foods can cause you to test positive when you should not. This is called a false positive drug test and you should be concerned.   Learn More

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Ready Clean

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Ultra Wash Mouth Wash

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Ever Clean 5 Day Program

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RU Clean

RU Clean

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Why Not Test Yourself First?

Test yourself first for urine or saliva drug test and see if you will pass your drug test..

It might seem obvious, but one of the ways to pass a drug test is to give yourself a drug test  first and see if you will pass.  A urine drug test is inexpensive and very accurate.

Our at home drug test kits are not the cheap kits you would find in your neighbor hood store.  They are commercial grade.  They do not cost any more and can be shipped to you so no one has to know you might be at risk. Get yours today.   Learn More

Permanent Drug Detox Program

Everclean from detozify is a complete 5 day detox program.

The Ever Clean permanent drug detox program is the most effective way to permanently cleanse your body of all contaminates and toxins. 

The Everclean program works over 5 days to permanently detoxify from the foods, prescriptions, medications and drugs of concern  that could cause a failed drug test.  If you are serious about cleaning out your system and have the time, this 5 day program is for you.  Start your Program.   Learn More